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The purpose of this page is to supply a single page from which various chat rooms and message boards can be accessed.
When used with the Split-Screen display format (Frames required on your browser), it can be used for accessing 2 chat rooms at one time.

VILLI-CHAT Chats Rooms
Yum Chat Entrance Page
OOC Vore Chat Entrance Page
Alternate Chat Entrance Page
Fatal Vore Chat Entrance Page
Issue Discussion Chat Entrance Page
DragonSpot Chat Entrance Page
Live Drawing Groupboard
Fur Affinity
Ink Bunny
Yum Chat Message Board ____
Big Gulp Message Board
Eka's Portal Forums
DragonSpot Forums
Disturbing Things Forum
The Black Labyrinth
Vor-Com Forums
Voreville's Vore Forum
(resources for vore artists)
Voravision Message Board
VDYDN Vore Forums
Inner Room Forum
Kaji's Cave
Stormbringer's Erotic Art & Stories
Mindless Consumption Forum
Furry Vore Live Journal
Macrophile Forum
Voreplay Forums
(requires registering to view the forums)
FurryRealms Flash Forum
After Dark Fantasies
Thanos Bot Forums
Eka's Vore Chat Portal
(IC / OOC / Special Event Rooms)
The Black Labyrinth Chat
(IC / OOC / mixed rooms)
IRC - Furry Vore
(channels: #vore, #furry_vore, #scaly_vore, #OpenVore, #hardvore, #rubber_vore)
Furry Muck
(Food Chain - t #118135)
DragonSpot IRC chat - 1
(server: irc.ircstorm.net - channel: #dragonspot)
DragonSpot IRC chat - 2
(server: irc.sorcery.net:7000 - channel: #dragonspot)
Voregotten Realms Vore Muck
Voreville Quick Chat
(scroll to bottom of page for chat access)
Tapestries Muck
(Vore Cafe - t cafevore)
(Server: irc.yafas.net - Channels: #vore, #vore-alt & #vore-rp)
IRC - Nova Forest Vore Chat
(No age restrictions)
(Server: irc.rizon.net - Channel: #NovaForest)
Second Life Vore Club
(To launch: secondlife://Silvermoon/194/160/25)

If you are the owner of a public chat room or message board that is vore related and you wish to have it added to this page, please contact me at Rodent's email.
Please only include direct links to the entrance pages to the chat room or message board, and not to a parent website.

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